It’s completely different from anything that I found for my child. It’s a new approach to learning. They focus on strengthening and making connections in your child’s brain by doing physical and cognitive exercises. I have seen growth in her both academically and socially.
— Diana

Happy Parents.


Absolutely love this place! My children have been going here for over a year & we have seen significant growth in all school subjects & personal development. Very nice women who really care about my children’s success.

— Rebecca

We came to mind discovery with help in reading and writing. She was scoring 2 grades behind in those subjects. Since working with this SOI program here, we have noticed an improvement in her abilities in both subjects and well as her decision making as a whole. She loves the staff, as do I. A very friendly working environment. I also have learned a lot about the developing brain and understand the learning curve for children myself.

— nicole

My son has been attending for almost a year and we love it. Definitely seen improvement in academics and concentration. Caring and professional personnel.

— Carol

Ms. Jessica and her team really care about the growth and potential of each child. This is a place where any learning gaps get identified and strengthened. The passion of helping children and their families is palpable at Mind Discovery Center.

— stephanie