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Brain training services starting at $45/hour.

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Cognitive ability training

Cognitive Ability Training is done with the Structure of Intellect program. Students complete the training modules needed to enhance their weak cognitive abilities. Modules are determined by the Cognitive Ability Assessment conducted prior to beginning the program.

integrated practice protocol

The IPP program addresses the cause(s) of the learning difficulty. It works to improve attention span, memory, comparison & contrast thinking, eye-hand coordination, systems reasoning, and other skills essential to the learning process. This helps students perform better in school, socially, and in sports.


Fast ForWord is a language, literacy and cognitive skill intervention that uses the principles of neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to rewire and improve—to remediate the underlying causes of language and reading difficulties.

Academic Tutoring- Homeschool families

Academic Tutoring is offered for our homeschool families. Our credentialed teachers help students become more academically successful by employing a variety of tools to help with reading, math, language arts, and writing.


Cognitive Ability Assessment

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade: $175 — Structure of Intellect Cognitive Ability Assessment

3rd Grade - 8th Grade: $300 — Description text. Donec et convallis metus, et luctus odio. Fusce porta quam purus, vel consectetur est luctus vel.

Advocate Services

$50/hour — Our advocate service is to guide parents through the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). We can meet prior to the SST/IEP meetings to answer any questions that parents may have about the process. This service is included with one of our monthly packages.