When it comes to learning, the Mind Matters…


We help students who are struggling, challenge those that are gifted, and give them all a solid foundation to be successful in their academic careers! Did you know that many children who struggle in school have an underlying cognitive weakness? At Mind Discovery Center, our programs target those very skills. We do it through mental and physical exercises that work on the way the brain learns, thinks, reads, computes and remembers.



Our Structure of Intellect (SOI) assessments are designed to identify learning strengths and weaknesses that often causes poor academic performance. SOI determines why and how school work is difficult by assessing a student’s 26 cognitive abilities that are necessary to learn. Successful learning requires a certain level of different abilities to be in place such as comprehension, problem-solving, attention, evaluation, and memory.


The SOI cognitive ability assessment provides a learning profile of the whole child. The profile identifies exactly where any deficits are so that they can be targeted for improvement. Having a comprehensive, fully personalized SOI program is the best way to address an individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses.


There are 90 specific learning abilities that can be trained with SOI. The abilities relate to reading, math, vision, auditory skills, and more. Low abilities can be can be trained and improved while strong abilities can be further enhanced, creating a well-rounded child on the path to success!


Come Discover the Missing Link to Learning!