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Here are the most common questions we receive about our program. We also frequently host Parent Informational Nights.

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What is brain training?

Cognitive Ability Training using the Structure of Intellect program is based on the concept that the brain has the ability to change and grow, also known as neuroplasticity. Our brains are like physical muscles, they get stronger the more we use them and expose them to new kinds of thinking. Brain training helps build new pathways in the brain to make learning easier.

What is the difference between brain training and tutoring?

Brain training provides a long term solutions for the learning difficulties that your child may be facing. It involves creating new pathways in the brain to improve brain functioning. Brain training is unique and unlike anything that happens in school. Tutoring is typically a band-aid or short term fix and consists of reintroducing content repeatedly expecting a different outcome.

Why does my child need brain training?

Our brain training program (SOI) assesses 26 Cognitive Abilities. If any one of these abilities are not matured or functioning below level, children will struggle to learn in a typical classroom setting. Cognitive Ability Training helps to develop and strengthen the weak learning systems in the brain. 

Does my child need the physical component of your program?

If any of the following below describe your child then the physical component of our program would be beneficial for your child.

  • has difficulty paying attention

  • can’t sit still

  • anxious

  • has difficulty focusing

  • wanders around the classroom

  • lack of concentration

  • poor posture

  • trouble reading/tracking across the page

  • clumsy

  • unaware of body in space

What is the time commitment?

We require students to attend Mind Discovery Center for either two 1 hour sessions a week or three 30 minute sessions a week. Continuous, ongoing enrollment is essential when it comes to achieving results with the program.

what is your cognitive ability assessment?

Our cognitive abilities assessment addresses the root cause of your child’s learning struggles. It provides new insightful information about the weak skills your child may have. It helps use to understand WHY your child is struggling.

How soon will I see results with your program?

We expect to see changes quickly within the first two to three months. We ask parents to look for an increase in confidence and overall ……. Typically brain training programs take 4 to 6 months.

what is sensory integration?

Sensory integration is the process by which we receive information through our senses, organize this information, and use it to participate in everyday activities.

What happens after brain training?

It is critical that the brain training is followed by academic tutoring to fill the learning gaps created by the child’s inability to perform at grade level. Reintroducing content will only truly be successful after brain training occurs. The longer a child has been behind, the greater the learning gaps, and therefore, the longer the academic remediation process.

What happens during the free consultation?

First we give you a tour of our center and explain our program in more detail. Then we sit down with the parents to discuss the child’s academic struggles, review report cards, and any other available information such as Individualized Education Plan (IEP). We will then make next steps for helping your child and schedule an assessment date. After assessment, we meet to have discuss results, go over the evaluation report, and present a remediation plan.

is there financial assistance available?

We do offer a financial assistance option for parents. We have partnered with Your Tuition Solution™ to offer budget-friendly payment plans that help make our training programs more affordable. Ask us for more information at your free consultation.